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On Friday 14th December the children went to the pantomime at Perth Theatre.  The children had already been involved in designing a set for the show (see photographs) and it was great to compare their ideas with the actual set used.  Everyone enjoyed this year's show "Snow White and the Seven Dames".


Here is what they said:

Sophie B - I thought the pantomime was very , very good.  The queen pretending to be an old lady was quite funny.

Mark - I liked Prince Posh Pants because of his name.

Emma -  I liked it because it was different and funnier than Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Caitlin - My favourite character was Sassy because she made me laugh. The dress she wore at the end was completely over the top.

Drew - I liked the names that they gave to the Seven Dames.

Kai - I liked the whole thing.

Henry - I liked the Dames because they were funny.

The songs they used were catchy and well known.  There was one in particular that was very popular:

Rhuri - My favourite bit was when we were singing "Baby Mole..." and we had a competition.

William - I liked when they sang "Baby Mole Doo Doo....".

There was one character who seemed to be liked for obvious reasons:

Jamie - I liked Gassy because he kept on pumping.

Rhylin - I thought the pantomime was funny and I liked Gassy too.

Thomas - I liked Gassy and the smoke that came out when he pumped.

Sophie M - I liked the Dame called Gassy.

                                                 Our Set Designs                     

             Party at the Palace                                                                        Enchanted Forest                                        


      Caitlin, Emma, Kai & Sophie B                                            Rhylin, Sophie M, Mark, Thomas & Jamie


                                                                      The Dames' Caravan


                                                                Henry, Rhuri, William & Drew                 




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